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      War of 1812

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War of 1812
      sampler  3’-44”   (15’ lecture)

What is the surprise ending of the disastrous War of 1812 which lets the U.S. to ignore its lessons that come back to haunt the U.S. in later generations?

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Failure to communicate.  The conflict between France & England spills over to interference with American ships for a number of years despite repeated American protests. What is the apparent irony that leads America to declare war on England in 1812?.



Expansionism.  What are the reasons America goes to war with England beyond token issue of “the freedom of the seas?”



Invitation to disaster.  What are the military aspects to this war which is an unmitigated disaster for America which has no standing army?  .



Failure to remember.  What is the irony that the battle of New Orleans is fought after a peace treaty is signed, resulting in a major American military victory?  Why does this allow America to forget the major lessons of the war to its later detriment?